Jax July 6, 2020 - July 12, 2020

Hello all,

Hope you are all dong well. Jax had an awesome week full of Stripers, Sea Bass and Fluke!

We headed south of Nantucket this week for the first time this summer and came home with a boat full of fluke, the biggest weighing in at 11lbs. Dropping down teasers, Nantucket Poison Swingtails and Bucktails tipped with some squid caught earlier in the year, we were having a field day with the fluke! Jax cruised out about 40 miles from the cape and was truly rewarded with a boat full of fish and a happy charter!

If you've never been fluke fishing it is definitely worth thinking about. Fluke is not the most popular fish to target, mainly because people do not know they live around us here on Cape Cod. it is a super light, white tasty fish that is a blast to reel up to the boat and even more fun to eat for dinner! Bottom fishing is a great was to spend the day with family and friends especially when you are catching fish all day long. South of Nantucket is the place for fluking, and Jax Charters can take you there and get you on the fish! Book your fluke charter with us today

Standing by until next week,

Capt. Caroline Scotti

Jax Charters

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