Jax June 15, 2020 - June 21, 2020

Hello all!

Hope you are all staying well. Cape Cod has been throwing us some foggy days lately but that doesn't stop Jax from heading offshore to find the fish! The Monomoy rips are still firing on all cylinders and producing bigger bass each day. Top water is still the ticket out there, soft plastics, plugs, SP Minnows and as always on the fly! Each day we go out we are finding bigger fish, we have run into a few keepers here and there but the action is constant! Make sure you book a trip before the fish head out to deeper water, not much beats this time of year on Cape Cod where the fish are so close and so plentiful!

On the tune front, crab ledge is also starting to show great signs life! There are tons of whales and bait off shore and the water temp is starting to look very fishy. The stick boat have begun bringing fish in and the tuna gossip has been traveling around town. Jax is planning on taking a trip out in the next couple days to see what the word is in tuna land!

If you are interesting in whale watching, now is the time. There are hundreds of whales just a few miles offshore breaching, fin slapping, bubble feeding and logging. Jax can get you closer than you ever thought you could come to Humpback and Minke whales cruising in the Atlantic! Wether you would like to fish or go on a relaxing cruise, we've got you covered. Give Jax a call today to book your next trip with us!

Until next week,

Capt. Caroline Scotti

Jax Charters

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