Jax June 22, 2020 - June 28, 2020

Hello all,

Hope you are all doing well. The fishing on the Cape is red hot right now. From Stripers to Blues to Sea Bass to Tuna, Cape cod fishing is in full swing. A couple weather day kept Jax off the water this week but we made up for it on the charters we were able to run. This week Jax took out the Hasapis family our on a striper trip and ended up showing them a couple more species. They crushed the Black Sea Bass and got into some feisty Bluefish as well.

The striped bass are getting larger each trip we take out, they are still hanging out around Monomoy and have been a blast to catch topwater. We have moved on from soft plastics because the bluefish have arrived, SP Minnows and Hydro Minnows have been the ticket lately.

Jax has yet to make our fist tuna run but the big shiny fish have definitely arrived. Multiple landings and catch and releases have been taking place the last few days and we can't wait to get out first tuna of the season. Unfortunately the market for tuna has been severely effected by Covid and selling fish is going to be a little more difficult this year, but that only means we will try even harder to target smaller recreational sized fish, and properly fight and release giants.

There is plenty of fishing to be around the Cape and wed love to get you all out on the water. Book your Jax charter today!

Until next week.

Be well,

Capt. Caroline

Jax Charters

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