Jax June 29, 2020 - July 5, 2020

Hello all,

Hope you are all well. The word of the week is TUNA! Jax crew Caroline and Ben finally got to head out on the hunt for the bluefins! A 30+ mile trip out to The Sword paid off well when we were able to safely release a 90+ inch fish. Just like riding a bike, the long winter was no match for Caroline and Ben's tuna fighting skills. This giant was brought to the boat in under an hour and was properly swam before swimming off happily down to the deep.

Not many species can match the Blufin Tuna. These strong, smart, beautiful creatures are truly incredible, each fish I see and fight still amaze me. We are so lucky to be living so close to these fish and can't stress enough how unforgettable a tuna fight is. If you have never caught a Bluefin I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list, there is nothing else in the world like it.

Now is the time to book your tuna trip with Jax Charters. The fish are getting closer to shore each day and recreational sized fish have been mixed in with the giants lately. Like I said before nothing the world compares to a Bluefin tuna fight and we at Jax Charters want to give you the opportunity to experience it!

Until next week,

Capt. Caroline Scotti

Jax Charters

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